Cantona vs. FIFA World Cup in Qatar: “I won’t see them. It’s just a matter of money, thousands of people have died!”

King Eric has never been subject to the logic of the new football, the logic of business. And he doesn’t want to do that even at the World Cup in Qatar. The Frenchman expressed a very negative opinion about the competition, which will be held at the end of 2022.

There are two possible alternatives against the insurgency. Either fight it off, or try to make it your own, guiding it down paths that are less destructive. But when Eric Cantona was on the field, the second option was decidedly impractical. It would be a distortion … on a national level, but the Frenchman has for years been a symbol of a real revolution, both in the Premier League and in world football. Restless, impossible to silence and unpredictable, with the ball at his feet and … with his feet and that’s it. Even when he stopped playing, King Eric did not yield to the logic of the new football, the logic of business. And he doesn’t want to do that even at the World Cup in Qatar.

Possible – Talking to dailyMail, the Frenchman gave a very negative opinion about the competition that will take place at the end of 2022. “To be honest, I don’t care much about the next World Cup, for me it is not a real World Cup. In recent years there have been many events such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup in countries emerging like Russia or China.But Qatar is not a football country.I am not against the idea of ​​hosting the World Cup in a country where there is potential to promote and develop football, as was the case in South Africa or the United States in the 1990s.Football is the most popular women’s sport in the States There is a huge potential to develop it.But the truth is that in Qatar the potential is not there. There is nothing. I think it is just a question of money. And the way they dealt with the people who built the stadiums was horrible, thousands of people died. But we will celebrate the World Cup on Anyway. I personally will not see them.”

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spirits And yet potential, merit, is the other essential element of football for Mr. Eric. “I understand that football is a business, but I also believe that it is the only environment in which everyone can have a chance. And I still believe that young players can grow up in poor areas, in fact, most of the players come from similar places.. they become players Football and they have a chance to help themselves and their families, which is great. And if you are strong, you are strong, that is merit, if you are better than others you play and that is true. For this reason, if potential and merit are at the core of football, it is even more amazing to be held The World Cup in Qatar and that there are people who have already voted for this to happen.” A word… from the King.

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