Candid camera arrives Rai2 . summer afternoon

It was in 1964 when he first appeared on the national program secret mirror. The program is designed, directed and implemented by the great director and screenwriter Nanny Lowe It was the Italian version of hidden cameraa popular program in the USA since the fifties of the last century, which allows the resumption of some situations, through a hidden camera, starring some ordinary people and even celebrities (here it is certainly inspired by the joke aside by Fatima Ruffini), unaware that it was filmed.

Then Nanni Loy also separated from secret mirrorwe remember I travel second classthat fell inside some train cars and All in harmony, the Sunday afternoon miscellaneous of the eighties of Rete 2, which was characterized by live shooting with hidden cameras. Well, that’s all preface to telling you about the intentions of the daytime entertainment department to put together a show in June inspired by the Secret Mirror.

In other words, it would be a transmission suggesting some candid cams, even with quotes and not just quotes coming from the ’60s transition conceived and created by Nanny Lowe. So it will be kind of a trip to the past of television, but with our eyes in our present. TV experience that will play the highly complex band 14-15 of the second Rai network is left free for vacations that the program deserves 2 pm Conducted by the good former journalist Telelombardia Milo Infante.

An experience, with or without a young operator, which, if welcomed by Rai2 viewers, could return the following fall afternoon for the second network of the Public Radio and Television Service along with the new program by Pierluigi Diaco.

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