Cancer: This common breakfast that almost everyone eats can increase the risk of 3 types of cancer

According to new research conducted on the Chinese population, consuming dairy products every day can increase the risk of three different types of highly aggressive cancers, from lymphoma to liver cancer to breast cancer.

According to new studyOne type of breakfast staple would increase the risk of developing three aggressive types of cancer.

Specifically, it will be Dairy productsTherefore, milk, yogurt and cheese are the main cause of disease.

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The research was conducted in China; Here, researchers analyzed up to 500,000 people, 70% of whom had never eaten dairy, while a fifth of participants consumed these foods at least once a week.

According to the reported data, consumption of dairy products has been associated with an increased risk of infection Liver CancerAnd Lymphoma And breast cancer.

During the research, 30,000 people in the study developed cancer. In addition, the researchers noted that for every 50 grams of dairy consumed per day, the risk of developing the disease increased by 12% for men and 17% for women.


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Dr. Maria Kakora, Nutrition Epidemiologist atOxford residents health The study’s first author said:

This was the first large study looking at the relationship between dairy products and cancer risk in the Chinese. Further studies are needed to validate these findings, determine whether these associations are causal, and investigate possible underlying mechanisms.

So, do milk and dairy products really increase the risk of cancer? There are many education which has, over the years, analyzed the association between dairy consumption and cancer but it must be emphasized that most of the available evidence is based on observational studies, which provide suggestive but not conclusive evidence.

However, it is best to consume dairy products in moderation and base your diet on a variety of fresh, whole foods.

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source: Medicine BMC

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