Cancer, these foods sound the alarm bell: We always eat them but they’re just awful

A healthy and correct diet is essential to keep fit and reduce the risk of serious illnesses.

To always feel fit and able to count on a In excellent health Undoubtedly, it is very important not to neglect physical activity: a few hours a week of exercise (jogging, a game of football or volleyball, a bike ride, a little gym) is really a panacea for our body.

Cancer sounds the alarm
Cancer sounds the alarm – Image Network –

However, too Follow a healthy and correct diet It plays a crucial role in our well-being. In fact, nutritionists always try to promote the adoption of a varied diet as much as possible, Rich in fiber and low in fat. Avoiding foods that pose potential risks to our bodies allows our bodies to stay healthy and not suffer from diseases that can become very serious.

The right diet reduces the risk of cancer: what foods should be avoided?

It is certainly no coincidence that scientists have been shedding light on how to follow the right diet for so long It may keep cancer at bay. As the study conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research showed, in fact, poor eating habits are responsible for up to three out of ten types of cancer.

Therefore, a healthy diet is necessary in order not to be exposed to diseases that affect the cardiovascular system and those cancerous. A difficult goal, the goal of the right diet, given the frantic rhythms to which we are now accustomed: however, adequate nutrition is essential if we want to live in peace and avoid serious consequences.

Cancer foods we eat all the time
Cancer We always eat foods – Image Network –

It must be said that the Mediterranean diet followed by the Italians allows you to enjoy a series of positive effects: in fact, deaths from cancer are, in fact. 10% less compared to many other countries. This does not mean that we should not pay attention to the foods we consume at the table.

It is clear that those must be increased Fruits and vegetablesIn addition to sardines and salmon, which are rich in omega 3, without forgetting the legumes. Moreover, it is best to choose whole grains, breads and pastas.

Beware of red meat and salt

The foods you really need to cut out are Sheep, pork and beefKnown as red meat. If you’re a fan of hot dogs, jerky, and cured meats, you should give it a break, and reduce your consumption to no more than 500 grams Per week: It is always better to avoid cooking on the grill because it produces carcinogenic substances.

Finally, it is best to stay away from salt (maximum 5 grams per day) and pounds carbonated drinks or fruit juices.

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