Cancellation of the closed number in Medicine No. of the Dean of the City of Turin Giona

Cancellation of the closed number of the Faculty of Medicine? Removing it will disable the system. If in Rome the minister has set up a working committee that also evaluates this hypothesis, in Turin number one on Via Verdi says Not loud and clear. Speech of Rector Stefano Giona, who participated today with his counterpart from the Polytechnic Guido Saraco, Mayor Stefano Lo Russo, Councilor of Education Services of the Municipality Carlotta Salerno and President of EDISU at the press conference to promote the city’s network spaces where children can go to study.

‘Too many ASL coin-operated doctors, expenses out of control,’ Court of Auditors judges charge

Maximilian is worse

And the university director explained that “the cancellation of the digital item It is completely useless». Despite the dramatic shortage of doctors There are requests from everywhere Clear it or at least significantly increase the number of students who started that profession, in order to increase the number of health professionals, Geuna listed the reasons why this could not be done: «First of all, there are courses in which People who want to register are five or ten times as many seats Present. And then doctors must be trained very well and for a long time. Cancellation may cause the system to collapse. The problem, he adds, is not just with front-end lessons, but with hands-on training as well“The training must be done in hospitals and laboratories very well. This is compounded by the fact that if we had more students, we wouldn’t even be able to get staff to take the courses that really prepare them.”

Piedmont, doctors flee specialist schools

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Briefly, The limited number in the UK is not discussed. As a consolation to those who were hoping to go in a different direction, the fact remains that the university It does however increase (small actually) the available spaces: “We have seen a steady increase over the years and there has always been an upward adjustment.” In the coming months, in Piedmont, «we must reach 850/900 places, with the possibility In the coming years to reach a thousand. Then there are more specialized jobs to be planned ». What is certain is that whatever the effects may be, they do not appear in the long term, given that in addition to the one-cycle medicine course years, there are higher specializations. “Medical professions long-term planning, we need to plan today to see the effects in eleven years »concludes Geuna. In short, the problems of Piedmontese medicine will only be able to be solved with “special” resources.

In fact, in our region, an additional 1,500 doctors would be needed in hospitals alone to handle all the shortages. As La Stampa explained two weeks ago, some specialties are suffering in a certain way: the loss of 250 emergency physicians, 155 physicians in anesthesiology and resuscitation, 115 physicians in internal medicine, 110 in general medicine, 200 in pediatrics and a hundred between neurology and orthopedics.

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