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The process of amnesty for the old begins tax bills Up to five thousand euros per turn. Concerns regarding volumes not yet collected and disputed until 2010. They will be able to take advantage of pardon Only taxpayers, individuals, entities or companies whose taxable income in 2019 did not exceed 30 thousand euros. The new snippet, according to preliminary estimates, should belong to about 16 million files. Yesterday, the Revenue Agency, with a circular signed by Director Ernesto Maria Ruffini, laid down the technical procedures for the implementation of the rule set forth in the Sosteni Decree. The goal is to empty the financial stockpile of old, hard-to-pay roles and focus on other roles. A similar operation was already carried out in 2018, but in this case it concerns individual debts of up to one thousand euros and did not specify income limits.

Tax, begins an excerpt from the volumes: How it works, what debts canceled and the taxpayers involved

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Just as at that time, until now, taxpayers who meet the required requirements will not have to do anything: removal will be automatic. This will be handled directly by the collection agent. The taxpayer can verify that the debts have been canceled by referring to the status of his debts in the manner provided by the collection agent. It is best to wait until October 31 for the examination: this is actually the date set by the Revenue Agency to complete the entire process.

The publication explains what debts owed to the tax authority can be canceled. This includes all those entrusted to the collection agent between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2010 by any creditor body (except for debts expressly excluded and included in the practice document) with an amount remaining as of March 23, 2021 up to a maximum of 5 thousand euros. The cap includes capital, but also includes interest for late registration and penalties. Premiums, interest on arrears and any procedural costs are excluded from the account.

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It is clear that the maximum of five thousand euros refers to individual roles. So if there are more roles in the same folder (which is very common), the computation must be done for each upload. Let’s take as an example a file of 12,000 euros, consisting of three roles: the first includes interest and penalties of 4,000 euros, the second of 3,000, and the third of 12,000. The entire volume will be scrapped. Write-off also applies to debts that fall under “Scrapping-ter,” “Balance and Write-off,” and “Reopen Terms.” On the website of the revenue collection agency, it is possible to check whether the debts accepted in the above easy tariffs can be canceled.

Tax Decree, Towards Banning Invoices Sent During The Pandemic: Cancellation In Progress

The income requirement is important. As mentioned, the amnesty is valid only for taxpayers with an income of up to 30 thousand euros. There is a time limit: We will consider 2019 income. For natural persons, individual certificates for 2020, income declarations 730 and PF 2020 in the Revenue Agency database as of July 14, 2021 are taken into account. For subjects other than natural persons, joint income declaration forms – stock companies, partnerships, non-natural entities commercial, on the title page of which a tax period is indicated which includes the date of December 31, 2019.

Thus, taxpayers who experienced a significant reduction in income in 2020 due to the pandemic were not included in the public affected by the amnesty.

According to the data of the same Revenue Agency, the uncollected debt in the financial warehouse amounts to more than 986 billion euros. 41% of this number (405 billion) refers to debts in the name of deceased, bankrupt, stateless, and discontinued companies: in short, amounts that the tax authorities will not be able to recover. But in fact, according to government estimates, 90% of the tax bills that crowd the tax warehouse are bad debts.

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