Canary Islands, lava flow overwhelms homes: great photos

Lava flows from the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma (one of the Canary Islands), which have erupted since yesterday, have pushed many infrastructures in the surrounding areas, including homes, several streets and at least one school, while others are at risk. . This was reported by Spanish public television and the news agency EFE. Meanwhile, about 5,000 people have yet to be evacuated. It is still not clear how long the eruption will last, but volcanologists and technicians have already given different indications about what is happening: While the flow of volcanic material continues from Cumbre Vieja, lava, which has reached a temperature of about 1,100 degrees, is advancing at a speed of about 700 meters per hour on the Along its western slope, it descends towards the coast. When they reach the sea, “blasts” and “acid rain” can occur, according to Efe geologist Jose Mangas. The authorities are instructing local residents in particular to protect themselves from the ash and gases escaping from the volcano. Spain’s King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who personally went to La Palma, expressed messages of solidarity and closeness to the islanders: “I want to send a message of encouragement to the citizens of La Palma,” said the king. Regarding the possible complications for air and sea traffic in the Canary Islands, Transport Minister Raquel Sanchez told reporters that both are, for the time being, “operating normally”. According to a note from the ministry, navigation has been banned as a precaution in an area near La Palma. According to the airport manager Aina, some scheduled flights to and from La Gomera may be subject to change.

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