Canary eruption: 700-800 people evacuated – last hour

(ANSA) – MADRID, Oct 12 – Between 700 and 800 people have been ordered to leave their homes due to the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma. The leaders announced the emergency plan created for this natural disaster at a press conference. They added that the exact number cannot be determined at this time because it is possible that some have already moved away before.

The decision was taken as a precaution due to the fact that the new lava flow is progressing “unrelentingly”; Even if it is “slow”, towards a populated area so far, explained the technical director of the emergency plan, Miguel Angel Morquinde. He added that the preventive eviction order gives those concerned “sufficient time” to remove documents and valuables from their homes at risk.

Morquinde also specified that the areas now displaced are not those where residents were ordered yesterday to close their homes due to the possibility of harmful gases in the air. This confinement measure, which was imposed on some 3,500 people, was canceled this morning due to the positive improvement in air quality. (Dealing).

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