Canadian Hutchinson runs around the field with a plug in his nose: the scene that depopulated the net – Football

one of global scene We will hardly forget. The time is 11 minutes into the second half of Croatia and Canada From group F. Atiba HutchinsonAnd soon the Besiktas and North American midfielder returns to the field as his team takes a corner kick. On the nose a TingeWith a dangling thread. Not long ago, after a plane crash, the player started bleeding from his nose. He ran to his seat, the medical team containing the small bleeder in this manner. Soon, once the nosebleed is over, Hutchinson sheds the cumbersome adornment and returns to play with his nostrils free.

Hutchinson and a scene from She's the Man

Hutchinson and a scene from She’s the Man

Hutchinson, the man of records in Canada and abroad

Hutchinson is a man of records, for Canadian football and beyond: he is the oldest player in the Qatar 2022 stadium and last November 23, where he played in the match that was lost to Belgium, and he became – at 39 years and 288 days – the oldest stadium. Player participating in the World Cup match since then Roger Milla, who in 1994 was the protagonist with Cameroon at the age of 42. Not only that: In the next game, a defeat by Croatia, Hutchinson reached 100 caps for Canada, becoming the first player on the men’s national team to do so.

Similar to the 2006 movie She’s the Man

The net went crazy for the Brampton-born midfielder on February 8, 1983. But not because of his longevity. The man running across the field, with swab and thread flying, reminded many of a scene from the 2006 comedy film, Title She’s the manInspired by twelve nights by William Shakespeare. It is the story of Viola, a girl who, taking advantage of her twin brother’s resemblance, takes his place at a university in the United States to play on the men’s soccer team. When she’s among her mates, she drops an internal tampon from her bag: “I often get nosebleeds and this is perfect for stopping bleeding. Haven’t you seen a tampon like this before? But Beckham always uses it. I’ll show you how to use it.” Viola slips the object into her nose, and the still, which has come closest to Hutchinson’s on the field in Qatar, composes a perfect picture.

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