Canada and Trudeau’s liberal win election without a majority of seats –

The prime minister secured a historic third term with an early vote, but without regaining the parliamentary majority he was looking for. From voters ‘clear mandate to beat pandemic’

the following Government of Canada It will be formed by Liberal Party from Justin Trudeau, who thus gets one Historical third period As prime minister after one Election campaign very Difficult. Canadian media announced this on Monday evening. The Voting resultsstill preliminary, do not allow However Determine whether the prime minister will head a government majority or minority. According to preliminary results, with 90% of the votes counted, Trudeau’s party won 158 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons, the lower house of the Canadian parliament.

But it was only for Get out of this situation Which Trudeau announced in mid-August NS
early lessons, to try to regain the majority he lost two years ago. distance Fairly favorable start Encouraging opinion polls, the Prime Minister had a Especially complex campaignThe erosion of power made itself felt The “trodiomane” from 2015 sound Away. Monday morning, as he was leaving his polling station in Montreal, Trudeau However, it was said “calm”. “We worked hard during this campaign and Canadians they do one important choiceHe is surrounded by his sons and daughters Mogly Sophie Gregoire. In the last days of the campaign asked a strategic voteexplaining that The return of the conservative would be a synonym for step back, particularly with regard to the issue of climate. You (Canadians) bring us back to work with you clear mandate To beat this pandemic and reach brighter days.

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The Liberal Party leader admitted that “political life is not easy” and thanked his political opponents: “Thank you – he said – for being a part of this important moment.” “Let’s not forget the past And the dark days we faced together. But let us still look to the future and to all that is yet to come, and to everything that we have yet to build together ».

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