Can you in the orange zone?

Although the ski resorts are closed, you can still play winter sports off the slopes. Trekking on foot or in snow shoesAnd the Cross-country skiing and mountain climbing. To do this, the decrees in force recognize the possibility Exit in the municipality of residence / place of residence Also in Orange zoneWhile it is forbidden in the red.

This is possible, however, provided these activities are Not practical Within the boundaries of her municipality. According to this rule, you need not be afraid to leave the place where he lives A fine from 400 to 1,000 euros.

“Non-compliance” is mentioned in Government FAQ Request is acceptedUncem (National Federation of Mountain Communities) to meet with winter sports enthusiasts although there is no criticism of extending the lockdown to the ski slopes until March 5, 2021.

Here, however, activities are permitted on snow.

Snowshoeing and skiing outside town in the orange zone

Green light a Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, skiing and mountain trekking (Outside the ski slopes) even for those who live in the orange zone and in a municipality other than the one they live in.

“It is possible to go to another municipality, from 5 to 22, to play sports only if this is not available in your municipality (for example, if there are no tennis courts), as long as it is in the same area.”Read the Common questions about the orange zone Related to the decree in force.

This means that those who move out of their municipality with the sole purpose of playing sports – even those who live on the ice – cannot be fined by the surveillance authorities if there are no equipped areas or open spaces in the place of origin that make the activity possible. desired.

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Decision says Marco Busoni, president of Uncem ‘Particularly satisfied’. This does not negate the obligation to comply with safety and preventive measures that, we remind you, determine the mandatory nature of the mask during motor activity only and the non-obligatory nature of itself during more intense sports, as long as a distance between persons is maintained of at least 2 meters.

To reach the chosen place, you can travel by public or private transport, but in this case, passengers must adhere to a distance of at least one meter and wear personal protective equipment. None of these rules apply among cohabitants.

And in the red?

The exemption for skiing and snowshoeing does not extend to the Red Zone, where previous measures in the field of sports and physical activity apply.

The first can be carried out, individually and without adherence to a mask, throughout the municipal area but can nevertheless cross borders while running or cycling, provided that the movement is directed exclusively to the sporting activity itself and an arrival place corresponding to the municipality of departure.

Conversely, motor activity (such as brisk walking) is restricted to Near your home-With mask adherence and spacing.

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