Can Yemen spread on social media?

can yemen, the Turkish actor and protagonist of the TV series DayDreamer – Dream Wings, is going through a magical moment in Italy. In fact, filming for the fictional Viola (which will air on Canale 5) ended recently, followed by the launch of Mania’s fragrance and autobiography. The Istanbul star was highly acclaimed by fans, he showed the gods Signs of impatience For the constant pursuit of his supporters who do not leave him alone, not even a minute.

Could Yemen explode on social media?

“I love you the same, and I hope that we will find peace, because I need it so much … I tried to always be discreet, but at the same time united with you. I tried to find this extraordinary balance”He could have said, only to deny a piece of news that has been circulating for days: “I would say to those who truly love me: I will not leave Italy Rest assured, my next project is located in Italy and it is a global project on a very important platform.. Actors, especially international, move according to the project, we are never always anywhere, this is the nature of the profession. “

Yaman may have to move out of his house due to some fans chasing after him

I will definitely change house in RomeThe Turkish star unexpectedly announced and then explained the reason for this decision: “NOr why I’m going away, and why people have crossed all limits here. I can’t take it anymore with the stalker I suffer from Or the aggression to which every female who binds me must suffer if it is not what you “accept” .. I repeat: I love you, but I also love myself … Let us relax, I wish you much love. “ The Turkish actor briefly shared with the DAZN host, Diletta Lotta.

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