Can the deck chair be discounted in the year 730? The answer leaves no doubt

Many are wondering if it is possible, when filing a tax return, to deduct the lounger as well. Let’s see the cases and what the law says

Given the large number of concessions available in Italy that can be accessed, it is not always clear what is possible, when completing the 730 model, a discount or not.

When is it possible to discount the lounge chair (

In this regard, there is a very particular question that many people ask themselves when they have to submit their tax return. It relates to a particular piece of furniture that is considered to be of great use, a piece of furniture that is among the most present and purchased in homes; Used practically every day to relax after a hard day’s work.

But not only because what we are talking about, the armchair, is also a valuable support for people with various ailments and movement problems. The question many ask is whether a Relax chair deductible, and if so, how much.

Relax in the chairs, when can the 730 be deducted? Let’s explain

After all, buying, especially made-to-measure or tailored models For those suffering from certain diseases It affects mobility, and in some cases has huge costs. Being able to deduct a portion of it would help many taxpayers with an often necessary purchase. 19% deductions, as I mentioned beforerevenue agencyAnticipated expenses related to services provided by a general practitioner including those related to homeopathic visits and treatments.

Armchair discount relaxation: what the revenue agency offers ( / Ansa source)

In addition to purchasing over-the-counter and prescription medications, surgical or specialty services, organ transplants and spa treatments, even analyzes, treatments, x-rays, and hospitalizations for recovery or surgery-related issues. But it is possible rival As well as the costs incurred for the purchase or rental of medical devices and health care equipment of all kinds, Including prosthetics.

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Well, even if not all chairs Resolvable, this is possible with some specific models and especially those designed for people with disabilities. Indeed, in this case we are faced with something that goes beyond a simple piece of furniture but that has such a valuable utility that it is classified as First class medical device by legislation.

Conditions for benefiting from the discount

The armchairs in question are the ones that facilitate the mechanism sit down and get up For the handicapped, for the elderly or for anyone who has movement problems due to diseases or severe obesity. What is important is that the expense is traceable, that the receipt bears the words “Medical Device” and that the medical device has it wording “CE”.

Indeed, this testifies to that comply with European directives 93/42/EEC, 90/385/EEC, and 98/79/EC. Only with these requirements will it be possible to take advantage of the Irpef discount of 19% upon completion of 730 (remember that everything that exceeds the discount of 129.11 euros is deducted).

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