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by Alessandro Gallo

Davis Cup in Bologna. Moreover, the idea of ​​competition in his city fills Omar Kambursi with joy. Someone who knows Davis well (and therefore doesn’t particularly like the current formula) and the city of the Twin Towers.

Omar, Davis in Bologna…

“Great result for the city. Since when haven’t we hosted a high-profile tennis event? Maybe since Cierrebi Internationals. I’ve been playing.”

She does not like the current formula.

“I’m in love with the day before: the three days from Friday to Sunday, with people glued to TV sets to support Italy. But…”.


“Beyond the formula – as far as I’m concerned, the competition has lost a bit of its charm – Bologna has done well. The Italian movement has done a good job of bringing such an event to our country. Turin has done some significant events, Bologna’s response was also important because Bologna …”.


“Bologna has always been at the top, indeed, the first ever sports city.”

Davis Cup at home.

“An advantage, we have a really strong squad. The only weakness may be weakness, which has always been fundamental to Davis’ economy. It seems that Fognini can only play well with Bolelli. But that would mean excluding the Sonego player and Mussetti. And it won’t be easy.”

Berrettini and Sinner?

“Strong, very strong. The results say that too.”

Davis Cup for you?

“I still get goosebumps at the idea. Davis is a special person, she’s a passion, she’s proud to represent a country. It’s a different sense of responsibility. Thankfully, that weight gave me an extra boost. When I walked on the court and heard the national anthem, it was incredible. Tennis is in The foundation is an individual sport. Davis makes you rediscover and appreciate the sense of belonging and the team.”

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How many times in Davis?

“A lot. I just missed the chance to play in Bologna. We came close, because we played one role in Modena. But with all possible respect, Bologna is another. Bologna and Davies are a perfect match.”

The last step remains: turn that perfect blend into a winning blend.

“I think Italy can do it. Although, as it happens in all sports, there is also an element of luck and that is an unknown factor. You have to get there at your best and with all the players safe. Then there are opponents.”

Italy has not won a power bowl since 1976.

“Times have changed. Once there was the United States and Sweden who alone lined up with most of the top 10 players in the world. Then there was France. And many countries that are fighting with them.”

And now?

“France has Gael Monfils and a few others. The United States and Australia are in disarmament. Spain is here: If Nadal and Alcaraz play together it will not be easy. But it is one opposition. Not as many as in the past. Yes, Italy. He can do it. And in Bologna It would be great.”

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