Camping nightmare, boys trapped by a group of geese in tents

The camping It’s an activity without half-measures: you either hate it or you love it. A young woman who for the first time experienced the thrill of sleeping in a tent, will definitely join the first group.

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Nightmare camping with geese attack…

A video on TikTok witnesses this unique adventure experienced by a young couple. A boy decides to take his girlfriend on a camping trip for the first time. However, at some point, the nightmare attack will come: some Geese They approach the tent, forcing the couple to lock themselves inside. When the animals begin to tap the curtain, the couple is initially terrified, and then laughs at such a surreal scene.

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Took this girl on a camping date and this is happening!! Never been before 😂😂😂 💀

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…but not only

Everything is over? not at all. Spending time in close contact with nature can also cause other unexpected events to occur. The couple suddenly saw a horse appear and intrigued with its nose close to the plastic window. The girl looks worried again, her boyfriend tries to reassure her in a decidedly unconvincing way: “Don’t worry, everything is fine. He didn’t even see us. All this while watching the horse inside the tent with a curious look.

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