Cambium network performance in Perth, Australia

cambium networks announce it bentaniteIt is an Australian telecommunications company headquartered in Perth, Builds nexus, a fixed, multi-gigabit wireless network in the Perth metropolitan area, to provide Internet access to corporate and residential subscribers. Extremely high speeds will be achieved by expanding its existing infrastructure, which consists of 300 km of “dark” fiber with a fixed wireless platform. cnWave 60 GHz By Cambium Networks, using teragraph, a network technology developed by Connect to Facebook.

The result will be network performance that even the most demanding gamers will appreciate.

As indicated from the beginning an official note from Stephen CornishAnd CEO of Pentanet: «In 2019, Perth was reported as having the second slowest internet speed of all Australian capitals, but we know it needs to change, and fast. High-bandwidth and latency-sensitive applications such as cloud gaming are already transforming connectivity needs, and reliable gigabit speeds are Perth’s future. With cnWave 60 GHz technology from Cambium Networks, Pentanet’s neXus takes a quantum leap in citywide Internet connectivity at gigabit speeds. Using the existing fixed wireless network infrastructure, Pentanet can rapidly deploy the next generation of wireless technology to create neXus».

for every Atoll BhatnagarAnd President and CEO of Cambium Networks: «Our development and support teams work closely with the Pentanet team to ensure our solution can be scaled quickly and able to provide connectivity across Perth. They are paving the way for a new era of communication with their business model and network architecture».

Cambium Networks’ multi-gigabit fixed wireless broadband and central management technology is ideal for urban applications. The solution provides multi-gigabit broadband wireless performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of fiber. Using cnWave at 60 GHz, Pentanet can rapidly deploy hybrid networks to expand the fiber plant to customer sites, resulting in faster revenue times with lower capital and operating costs. This video demonstrates the value that Pentanet offers.

Elements of the cnWave 60 GHz solution from Cambium Networks include:

• Distribution node V5000 – equipped with two sectors covering up to 280° with beam forming. One V5000 drive can connect up to 30 devices, including up to four distribution nodes. The V5000 can be used for point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multipoint (PtMP) and network configurations.

• V3000 Client Node – Featuring a 44.5 dBi high-gain antenna with packet configuration, client nodes can support up to 3.8 Gbps, with the potential for higher speeds in the future, with channel linking for both PtMP and PTP configurations.

• V1000 Client Node: Offers a wide 80° radial profile for easy installation. Powered by the 802.3af PoE standard, the V1000 supports gigabit throughput in a compact, easy-to-install form factor

The latest addition to Cambium Networks’ suite of multi-gigabit wireless fabric solutions, 60GHz cnWave is fully integrated into end-to-end cloud management. LINKPlanner NS cnMaestro which provides a unified view of the entire network. The solution provides reliable and secure connectivity for residential users, schools, businesses and industrial companies all at once Total Cost of Ownership Basu.

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