Caltagirone and Del Vecchio defeated, Donett wins (CEO confirmed) –

The board’s list, led by CEO Philippe Dunnett and Chairman Andrea Cerrone, outlines the list proposed by Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone for the renewal of the Generali board of directors. This was approved by the vote that just took place in the Assad Council. The first, with the support of Mediobanca and foreign funds, received an affirmative vote equal to 55.992% of those present at the meeting (70.6% of the capital participated in the vote) while it was promoted by the Romanian businessman, for whom Leonardo also voted for Del Vecchio, Crt and Benettons Foundation, got at 41.73%.

In absolute terms, the two lists are summed up respectively 39.5% and 29.4% with a difference of nearly 10%, and therefore higher than 6%. In light of Mediobanca’s stock loan and De Agostini’s (now discontinued) stake that contributed to today’s vote for the board’s slate, failure to reach that gap, according to Caltagirone’s slate head candidate, Claudio Costamagna, would have created the conditions for possible legal action. The Board of Directors will consist of 13 members and will not be represented by the Assogestioni: 10 members will come from the Board’s list and three from the Caltagirone list.

We get back to work, and we never stop either. We’re calm, with a really committed team,” Dunnett said. Very important break with Caltagirone List … We are ready to work with the next Board of Directors, point of reference. Did you expect it? We were convinced we had put together an excellent plan.

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