Calling more than 1,600 officials

Revenue Agency Recruitment 2023, 1,644 Administrators and 60 IT Assistants: The call during the first semester of next year. By December 31, 2,500 more tax officials experienced in tax matters had been selected.

Appointment to the Revenue Agency 2023Next year’s program includes competitions for 1644 officials and 60 IT assistants In the first six months of the year.

In the Communication program for 2022 and 2023 The profiles requested by the Financial Department are also specified: From tax officials For experts in international taxation, going through appointments in the field of personal data protection and management control.

2500 officials It will also be required for end of 2022with announcements to be published by December 31st.

Revenue Agency Recruitment 2023: Call-ups for more than 1,600 officials

The Revenue Agency Recruitment Program 2023 refers to the entry of financial management personnel into More than 1,600 officials.

In the first quarter of the year, new employees are expected for 1,644 officials intax area.

These are tax experts with knowledge related to the tax field and corporate accounting for business tax estimate and tax litigation.

The new resources will also be used for activities related to tax returns, taxpayer assistance and combating tax evasion.

Recruitment will also concern officials International tax expertsHe is able to hold positions in legal consultancy, international relations and international cooperation activities.

The last two tracks of employment relate to personal data protection and management oversight.

One required for most required formations Degree in law or economics. Examination topics vary according to the profile required and range from tax law to commercial law, passing through to administrative law.

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In the international context, knowledge, among other things, is also required European Union and international lawin criminal law and of course good command of the English language.

Also planned tests on accounting workbudget, corporate finance, strategic planning and management control.

Finally, in the first part of next year, they will be appointed 60 IT assistants It is framed in the second region F3: the desired profile is a file ICT Assistant. To access, submit your application, you will only need a high school diploma.

Revenue Agency Recruitment: 2,500 officials by the end of 2022

The last two months of 2022 will also be full of appointments. In fact, notifications will be posted for 2500 Tax Officer Profile.

Once again, the financial department is looking for experts in tax matters With knowledge in taxation and corporate accounting.

Resources will be used for tax assessment, tax litigation, tax returns, taxpayer assistance, coordination and guidance in the fight tax evasion.

In addition to hiring for the next year, they are required Legal and economic degrees.

The Exam topics Candidates will be required to deal with:

  • tax law
  • civil and commercial law;
  • Administrative Law;
  • accounting work;
  • Business organization and management.
  • financial sciences;
  • Statistics items.

Calls will be posted soon as recruitment is expected to take place in the latter part of 2022, although the selection process may be well past the end of the year.

In general, the Revenue Agency states that:

“The tests may also focus on questions of an objective and proficiency nature.”

The bankruptcy proceedings will rule it specific calls, which are indicated for the requirements required to participate in the selection process.

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