Call of the Shadows can now be played for free even from a browser –

Currently the version of Browser From Raptor: Call of Shadows It seems it was RemovalPossibly due to copyright issues. We’ll see if it comes back online in the next few hours or days.

Original story:
Classic shooter Raptor: Call of Shadows It can be played now too Browser, of course always Free. For those who do not know what we are talking about, it is a title released in 1994 that caused quite a stir due to its technical characteristics. PC still struggled a bit to manage scrolling (even if things improved dramatically over previous years) and high-level work was hard to find, but Apogee Software’s title had what was then called “quality arcade”, meaning it has a Features and gameplay comparable to the most popular arcade titles.

Contributing to the success of Raptor: Call of the Shadows was also the distribution system: the first episode was released for free as a demo, while the last two had to be purchased. It’s the same economic model that DOOM was launched with, just to give a famous example.

But now no more chatter. If you want to play Raptor: Call of the Shadows from your browser, go to their site . page. The game is compatible with various consoles and controllers.

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