Call of Duty, Microsoft argues UK antitrust overestimated effects of Xbox exclusive –

Microsoft argue thatAntitrust in the UKwhich is currently opposed to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, has been overwhelmingly opposed exaggeration traces of any Call of Duty Xbox Exclusive.

According to a January 2023 Redmond house survey, in fact, only 3% of PlayStation users Respondents mentioned that It will switch to Xbox As the shooter series is no longer available on Sony platforms.

The interesting thing is that Microsoft is using this poll to reaffirm its desire to bring Call of Duty to all platforms rather than keep it confined to Xbox: a decision that, with the numbers in hand, wouldn’t make sense either because it wouldn’t hurt who knows what. damage to competitors.

However, the 3% detected by Redmond House seems a long way from the 15% estimated by CMA last December, again by a survey, which would instead see a significant impact on revenue and potential growth for PlayStation. In fact, Stephen Totilo explains, the two surveys also say something else.

In fact, a UK antitrust survey reported that the Xbox and PC exclusive Call of Duty would drive 9% of PlayStation users who are fans of the series to buy a PC, for a total of 24% of platform-to-platform converts.

The Microsoft survey instead focuses on switching from one console to another, without taking into account the PC, and the only answers obtained to that effect were added by survey participants.

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