Call of Duty 2 Remastered is a mod that adds 5K textures to the classic Activision –

Call of Duty 2 Remastered It’s not a true remastering of the first historical shooting game by Activision but an interesting craft project by modders, who are making new Texture in 5 kilo To be applied to the original class, in order to make it adaptable to the next generation via modern.

The Call of Duty 2 Remastered project includes a HD texture pack For Call of Duty 2 by modder Kuzja80, able to drastically change the appearance of the game in the original version. In addition to specially reworked textures, the mod also brings some tweaks to the game engine, restores EAX and also fixes some sound properties.

You can get an idea of ​​what the classic game looks like with the mod applied by looking at the images below. Obviously, this isn’t a miracle that leads the game to become a new generic title, but given that it’s been a chapter for 16 years, it helps make it still appreciated on modern hardware.

This is a fairly large package: the mod consists of 6 GB of data to download and can be downloaded on NexusMod at this is the address, clearly taking into account all the risks and possibilities related to the use of mods in games.

It should also be considered that this mode requires its own use launcher Specific that it is obviously mandatory to be able to use it, at the risk of running into “out of memory” errors that force the game to crash. Meanwhile, an insider reports that Modern Warfare II will arrive in 2022.

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