Call for free exams for the 2022/2023 academic year

DAREC ACADEMY, the premier international academy in Rome, announces its revision day for registration for the academic year 2022/2023 The exams will be held at the DAREC ACADEMY headquarters in Via Lucio Elio Seiano 21 in Rome (Metro Linea A Giulio Agricola)

test day

test day

(AGR) The DAREC Academy, the premier international academy in Rome, announces the revision days for registration for the 2022/2023 academic year, and the exams will be held at the DAREC Academy premises at Via Lucio Elio Seiano 21 in Rome (Metro Linea A Giulio Agricola) More students will be able to Talent from utilizing scholarships to support the educational path

Call to hear for the academic year 2022/23

Sunday 12 June

Saturday 25 June

Saturday 9th July

Saturday 10 September

Saturday 1 October

What to bring for a free audit?

One or two pieces taken from musicals in English or Italian

A monologue in Italian of any kind, taken from a play or movie

Choreography of the dance style studied by the candidate *

* For those who have not studied dance, to assess coordination and sense of rhythm, the dance movements, which are currently being taught, will be requested by one of our teachers.

To participate in the test:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp or Phone: 345 3448882-06 71049953WEB:

At the time of application, state your name, surname, telephone number, city of residence and age. Candidates will be contacted by phone to receive all information about the Academic Teaching Program.

What is your academy?

The DAREC Academy in Rome with the new artistic direction of Timothy Martin, twinned with the James Hoech Academy in Belfast, is the first international music academy in Rome, for more than twenty years a point of reference for those who dream of training as an element. musical.

Our educational path, through courses of singing, acting, dancing, music, acting in English, biomechanics, casting and fencing, forms professionals capable of facing the multiple needs of presentation.

All Dark Academy teachers are resident and follow the students’ educational path on a daily basis. Go to and hear testimonials from teachers and students!

At the end of the two-year academic year, students will be ready to face a professional exam in Italian and English, they will have their own art profile and thanks to the partnership with University of West London – LCM and with the RSL Contemporary Arts Award Darec students will be able to obtain university qualifications that are recognized in the community European.

Moreover, the DAREC Academy, thanks to the Action Consortium with Samarcanda Animation, offers the opportunity to work for its students in more than 30 tourist villages in Italy and abroad as an artistic actor and daytime entertainer.

c.Vocational training holds in musical

Qualified teachers with professional experience and recognized technical quality

Advanced lessons with Italian and foreign professionals

Theater and performances

Study abroad trips in the UK and/or America

An opportunity to enter the world of entertainment

Professional Initiation Diploma in Music

University degrees recognized throughout Europe

Not available on one of these dates?

In case you are not available or it is difficult to get to Rome, you can take the test online, via the Zoom platform, on a day of your choice, and plan it at

You can also participate so that correct and transparent information is useful to everyone

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