California road accident, immigrant massacre: 15 dead, 27 in an SUV

the incident It happened at 7 a.m. in a farming area east of San Diego, just 16 kilometers from the Mexican border, along a road that ran alongside cultivated fields.

Dynamics – The reasons that caused the terrible clash are still unclear. Up to 14 of the victims died on the spot, while 15 deaths were announced after hospitalization. At least ten other people were injured, some of them seriously. At least two helicopters had to intervene to be transported to the hospital.

Irregular migrant workers It was the director of El Centro Hospital, the closest town to the area of ​​the accident, who revealed that the victims were all undocumented agricultural workers, and had entered the United States illegally. Like many immigrants in the area who work as laborers especially during the harvest and harvest periods. They are often recruited by unscrupulous masters who keep them living in conditions of scarcity and exploitation.

The Mexican American Dialogue Only in the past few hours, US President Joe Biden had engaged in a remote meeting with the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to re-establish the dialogue on illegal immigration after four years of troubled relations under Trump. . Among other things, Biden may decide to allow families of immigrants who separated at the border with Mexico during the Trump era to remain in the United States. A hypothesis broadcast by Interior Minister Alejandro Mayoras, even if the opening did not satisfy the family’s attorneys who had hoped the Biden administration would open the way to citizenship for these immigrants.

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