Cagliari, unleash the arsonists: For the umpteenth time, the gym of Via degli Stendardi is on fire

The gym at Via degli Stendardi is on fire. A fire brigade operates in Berry. “Once again fire and flame on our house, Palasport in via degli Stendardi,” writes Asd Beta on his Facebook profile. This is not the first time that the structure has been targeted. “In addition to the health emergency, there is another sad emergency in our society: the state of ignorance and perversion,” Truzzu said of the previous fire, “Can you explain to me what a gesture like this means? What do you think of doing? To show your courage and strength?
In my opinion the only thing that has been proven is stupidity. The stupidity of those who will prevent many young people from having a place to return to exercise in the coming weeks. The stupidity of those with documentsOr in the smoke equipment and gadgets that sports associations buy with a lot of sacrifice.
I really hope the police will identify those responsible soon as I want to have a conversation with all the men who walked the parquet floor of Palazzetto on Via degli Stendardi. I hope these men could explain the meaning of this temple: the amount of effort and sweat they consumed, and above all the amount of joy and satisfaction they felt.
I promise you that we will do our best to bring this important sports facility back to Cagliari and Berry. ”

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