Caduta Libera, what happened to the hero Niccolo: Today is completely different

Niccolo Scalvi was the undisputed free-fall champion. A few years after his last engagement he seems to have completely changed.

Niccolo Scalvi (The Social Post)
Niccolo Scalvi (The Social Post)

Nicolo Scalvi He was an undisputed champion free fall, led by the program Jerry Scotty, from October 2018 until July 2019. The Lombard youth, originally from Brescia, managed to win a total of 760 thousand euros in gold.

his presence Channel 5 Make him famous instantly and win record It can be said that they confirmed him as the undisputed champion in the history of the show.

But what does the free fall sample look like now?

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Niccolo has grown up and seems to have changed a lot

From the Instagram profile of Nicolò Scalfi
From the Instagram profile of Nicolò Scalfi

When he had participated in the program he had just had 20 yearsNow it’s been a few years and it’s clear that Little Scalvee has grown very well.

with earn money a free fallAnd Nikolo He said that he had a wonderful trip to Barcelona, ​​invested his money in his studies and bought a new kitchen for his mother.

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conquer success Channel 5 It also affected his love life in the newspaper Smiles and TV songs I showed:Before I became famous, it was necessary for me to step forward with girls […] Then they started doing it and it settled down a bit.”.

Nicolo Scalvi
Nicolo Scalvi

Nikolo He further stated that he is currently unrelated, It’s time for friends and study. Scalvi attends the Faculty of Modern Publishing Literature at the Catholic University of Brescia.

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Despite his success at Caduta Libera, his life hasn’t really changed much: he still lives with his parents, records songs and leads a normal daily life – with “some” extra money.

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