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By bicycle in the Vatican to avoid pollution, the green ambassador of Australia inaugurated a new style

Vatican City – unusual picture in the Vatican. Instead of the blue car with the built-in license plate, the young Australian ambassador’s diplomatic corps chose a bike to go and talk to her interlocutors at the Vatican at the Apostolic Palace. In the past the then mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, only once again arrived by bike. Arriving at Piazza San Damaso, he threw his bicycle against the wall, a stone’s throw from the Swiss guards. Since then no one else, especially diplomatic representatives.

Ambassador Chiara Burrow, appointed by the Foreign Office of Australia as the new representative of the Holy See last year, brought a breath of fresh air. On his Twitter profile he posted a photo of his entry to Santa Marta and under the caption:

A bicycle to replace the blue car: This is the Australian Embassy’s choice of the Holy See. It’s not often that we see an ambassador riding a bicycle to meetings across the Tiber,” he explained, explaining that this choice is dictated by the line chosen by his country that is environmentally stringent. Thus, the embassy is also working to make its transportation sustainable and green, while taking care to reduce Using cars where conditions and weather permit, “thereby helping to protect our planet.”

The diplomat made it clear in a recent interview that she wanted to raise awareness of the major challenges facing Australia including the health emergency and climate change. A topic particularly close to the Pope’s heart since six years ago he issued his first green social publication, Ludato C. devoted how the Church can help change the behavior of Christians and make them more sustainable, turning them away from consumerism and bringing them in. They are closer to the gospel spirituality and respect for creation.

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In the past, the Ambassador served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with overseas assignments in India and New Caledonia. He was also part of the Prime Minister’s Circle for a while.

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