By 2023, what is the waste tax? Who does not have to pay it, when and how

Each year, taxpayers with specific financial responsibilities are required to pay, in addition to several other taxes, the tax as well. around A tax that Italians hate so muchespecially for the reason that it must be paid for.

But there are cases when you are completely exempt from paying, for example This allows you to avoid paying commission fees without incurring any administrative penalties. But let’s see how it works, and what to do so that we don’t pay anything without risking penalties of any kind.

TARI 2023, who won’t have to pay anything this year

In the meantime, let’s explain what TARI is. Waste tax is a tax that came into force in 2013which obliges all taxpayers who own real estate to pay an annual tax to the municipality in which the real estate is located.

However, in some limited cases, taxpayers can request an exemption from paying. This is the case for all those who own such unusable areas Exposed areas affiliated or attached to civilian homes (such as cellars, outdoor terraces, gardens, parking spaces…).

Even just in case Common building areas There is no TARI payment, such as entrances and elevators. In practice, all transit areas are excluded, as long as they do not produce waste.

If you are facing a situation Temporary possession of property, not later than six months in the same calendar year, the tax must be paid only and only by the owner of the premises and the areas. The same is also true in the case of Owners of real estate used for tourist rental: If these leases are for less than 30 days, the landlord will have to pay us the date.

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A series of concessions for people with disabilities are also available at TARI 2023.

TARI 2023, how not to risk penalties

Without prejudice to all subjects and cases of exemption, Other property owners are required to pay by 2023. We are talking about the simple owners of houses, villas, and apartments, as well as everyone who has lease contracts, except in the case of temporary rent, or as a loan for use and usufruct.

Business owners are also obligated, But only if their activity results in the production of municipal waste.

Generally The fine is equal to 30% of the tax. The fine is generally halved if the payment is made within 10 days, as long as The total payment has not exceeded 90 days after the deadline. Added to this is a discount of 1/15 if payment is made within 15 days.

TARI 2023 How to calculate the tax

The TARI 2023 calculation provides the floor area of ​​the building as a basis. This data can be easily identified with a simple scan of the building log.

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So from the TARI account That part which does not produce waste is excluded, Because it turned out to be unusable. Precisely for this reason, on every property for residential use, the Revenue Agency has taken steps to include the cadastral area index.

In addition to surface area, TARI 2023 will be calculated in two shares: fixed and variable. The former is calculated on the basis of the basic correspondents of the cost of the service, while the variable is used to cover the variable costs (waste transportation, collection …).

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In short, the useful items for calculating TARI are:

  • Area in square meters e cadastral dataAnd
  • period from Reference taxAnd
  • to express family,
  • Fixed / variable / regional fees.

Date 2023, the date it expires

Once the calculation is complete, this will be necessary Reliance on decisions approved by each municipalitywhich must be approved by July 31 of each year. The expected definitions for each type of user, exemptions, and any privileges are set out in these decisions.

Generally, Date expiration date Available:

  • If you pay at once December 23, 2023.
  • If you pay in two installments, the first December 09, 2023while the second is inside January 31, 2024.

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