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According to ISTAT data, in Italy, a home robbery is committed every 3 minutes, and only a few victims report what happened since the stolen goods are generally not found.

The difficulty of the investigation is due not only to the failure to describe the number and physical appearance of the criminals, but also to the speed and ease with which the burglars entered and exited the house. With this tool, you can make your home safe.

Even if thieves do not have particular problems breaking into the house Armored windowsBreak-in attempts generally wane when there are dogs in the house or when there is a particularly loud alarm that can attract the attention of neighbours, but it is unfortunate that security systems, especially newer ones, can cost more than £500 euros And that not everyone can have a dog at home.

To solve this situation, various tricks can be adopted, for example a system video surveillanceainsurance On owned assets or perhaps the unsightly installation of handrails on the outside of doors and windows. However, all of these solutions are either expensive or particularly inconvenient, so here’s how to defend your home in an economical and effective way.

Elrow ARD51 It is a security gadget sold by the Dutch e-commerce company, it has a two-year warranty and also returns within 14 days and shipping is subject to payment up to the €75 threshold.

How to definitively defend your home from burglars

Operating the Elro ARD51 is particularly simple, in fact through a system Smart sensors runs the device Distinguish the movements Even through home walls or fixtures such as doors and windows. The radar can pick up motion through wood, plastic, glass, and concrete up to a maximum of 16 meters away.

Home security system – (Source: freepik)

When the sensors detect unauthorized movement, the device emits a sound very similar to a dog’s bark which can be regulated by 70 to 120 dB. The alarm can be set as a classic bell and a police siren is also available in the settings.

Installing the Elro ARD51 is very easy as it is powered by batteries or via an adapterThe site also provides a sticker in the shape of a dog that can be used and placed near doors or windows to discourage bad guys.

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