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“Buy Inter, two interested parties in the United States”

Stephen ChangOwnerInterAt a press conference – at the end of the shareholders’ meeting – he denied his desire to sell the company in the short term. But rumors keep spreading. As we mentioned a few days ago, there are two banks that will be interested in selling, Goldman Sachs And the Rain. They will be tasked with identifying potential buyers for a club worth around 1.2 billion euros.

“Two offers are ready to buy Inter”

Now rumors Reuters To make more noise: Goldman Sachs and Wren have already identified two themes, in United State, ready to move to buy Inter Milan. No names have been mentioned at the moment. The potential buyers will be based in America and will also be ready to submit proposals for the acquisition of Milanese.

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Inter, Zhang has problems with creditors: Chinese banks demand

Thus, the two responsible banks had already found buyers. In the coming weeks we will definitely know more. Zhang probably couldn’t have said anything different anyway, especially if there were already contacts with potential buyers. And so Inter remains at the center of the sale rumours.

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