Buy a newspaper page (at the expense of the former). “Now the whole city knows who you are.”

there revengeYou know, it’s a dish that should be eaten cold. Or served in black and white, deciding to make one Women betrayal from him ex boyfriendwho then left her to meet her lover.

revenge for betrayal

The woman, named Jenny, decided to buy a page from an Australian local newspaper, Mackay and Whitsunday Life, based in Queensland, Australia. Jenny bought a whole page to advertise a release, on Friday, which is read by an average of more than 50 thousand people: most likely, she paid little. “Dear Steve, I hope you are happy with her now. Now the whole city knows what a filthy traitor you are,” the message chosen by the woman for the fourth page of the newspaper.

Payment status

But the genius of the woman’s revenge lies in the payment method for that newspaper’s page. In fact, Jenny used a credit card: not hers, but Steve’s, as specified later in the post-script message. Not exactly the best of legality. At that point, the newspaper decided to go into detail, given the great resonance of the story, even beyond state and national borders. “When the payment was validated, the system noticed that the name of the credit card holder was different from the name of the customer, so the payment was blocked” – Mackay and Whitsunday Life Explained “We don’t know who Steve is, but it looks like he was really bad. We won’t reveal any details about Jenny. We didn’t charge any fees for the credit card in question. Meanwhile, however, poor Steve will feel his breath on his neck and the local paper has gotten publicity. unimaginably colossal…

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