But in the end, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is indispensable

In the end there is always a need for it. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is 41, comes increasingly covered in bandages, but also increasingly in need of revealing his muscles and strength to the world. Still waiting now as a true messiah. He does not know when he will return, nor does he know in what circumstances he will return, but every time he posts a workout, a muscle, a race, or a scene he shoots at work, Excitement and passion It hits all the Rossoneri fans. And Stefano Pioli too, we must be sure: because the technician also belongs to a large group of those who await his return with open arms, convinced that he can It still gives something out even on competitive termsAs well as psychological.

Last year we saw how much Ibrahimovic is The leader of this group Who surprisingly, against all odds, won the Scudetto. But his contribution was also tangible, especially at the start of the season. Eight goals and three assists, in total, but seven goals and two winning assists go back to 2021. In the latter part of the tournament, there was only, or nearly, a pass from Roma to Tonali that allowed them to beat Lazio in the last minute. Important of course. Also essential. But it is not enough to still consider him the savior of the nation. And yet he is: and today you see him sweating heavily, Hope comes alive again. Like a spell, just touching it is enough to spark hope that it will yield benefits, so Ibrahimovic, half striker and half icon, could be the trump card to play in 2023, when the tournament comes alive.

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