“But have you seen it on TV?” Frightened Flavio Briatore for confronting Mario Draghi – Libero Cotidiano

Decision maker or mediator? This is the topic he raised Half past eight It Mario Draghi. In his posting Lily Gruber It was broadcast on La7 talking about the Prime Minister, and we are analyzing his character. Here is the usual papacy Andrea Scanzi From Occurrence every dayUltrà grillino, who is clearly critical of the prime minister. And to do so, so that you never miss a thing, it also excites Flavio Briatore. But let’s move on in order.

fact that Smacking my M5s It’s an aggravating circumstance for M5s, and I’m talking about appointments – vice starts working -. From the perspective of the M5s, there are no longer two basic designations regarding CdP and Ferrovie dello Stato, which It was two big Count victories –One. Now there are people who have nothing to do with the M5s, and who don’t even touch the ball, ”confirms Skanzi, who is somewhat desperate as the sun sets.

“The Dragee method? May be effective. It is a decision-maker.” For the majority of leaves crumbs: Decides with its technicians – appeals the alleged caregiver -. But the open denial of the right-wing technocratic nature of this government seems to me a dialectical danger. I am not saying that it is one of the most right-wing governments in the history of the Republic … But damn it. Think about justice decisions, To prevent layoffs that no longer existed and which he somehow hoped Andrea Orlando. He insists that the idea of ​​the worker is too low, and that means he is not protected at all. “

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And again: “It seems impossible to deny that the Draghi government is very far from the right. Not surprisingly, watching TV, it seems to me that one of the most enthusiastic is Flavio Briatore. And if that is the case, it means that this government has a pioneering footprint that I love a little bit, ”Skanzi concludes. Yes, Briatore’s contentment and Skanzi’s skepticism, in fact, sounds a lot like excellent and good news.

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