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SBP to hold International Conference on Innovative Agricultural Financing


ISLAMABAD: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is going to hold an International Conference on Innovative Agriculture Financing in Pakistan from April 28-29, 2015 at Islamabad.


The aim of two day conference is to discuss the strategies and solutions to increase the agri-credit to small farmers along with highlighting the opportunities at the high-end of market focusing corporate farming and agri-food enterprises.

Global experiences on agriculture financing will be highlighted via plenary discussions, breakout sessions, and plug-n-play sessions. Major topics like policy framework, value chain financing, warehouse receipts financing, risk and management, and use of technologies will be discussed as well.

The speakers and attendees of leading and expertise national and international finance professionals, policy makers, bankers, farmers’ representative bodies, agro-based processors, academia, service providers, and agriculture development specialists will attend this conference.

SBP in collaboration with FAO is enhancing the agriculture sector in Pakistan. Last month on March 30, 2015, a seminar on ‘Promoting Agriculture Value Chain Financing in Pakistan’ was held by SBP in collaboration with FAO.  The purpose of the seminar was to enhance the skills and knowledge of senior officials and microfinance banks by providing them technical training and global practices that leads to improving the agriculture and rural finance services across the Pakistan.

Day 1

Welcome & Inauguration Speeches


Lead Presenter and Panel Chair

Panel Chair

Session on Managing Catastrophic Risk in Agriculture Finance – Strategy & Actions

Session on Digital Platforms in Building Data-Ecosystem for Agri-Finance

Session of Applying ICT and mobile Banking to Value Chains and Agri-Finance

Session on Financial Literacy – Theater Performance

Day 2

Day 1 Recap-Video

Lead Presenter and Panel Chair

Plug & Play Theme: Digital Platform in Agri-Financing

Plug & Play Theme: Value Chain Solutions

Plug & Play Theme: Mobile Solutions

Plug & Play Theme: Information and Extension Services

Plug & Play Theme: Disaster Management Programs

Plug & Play Theme: Alternative Energy Products

Session on Promoting Agriculture Financing through Islamic Banks-Challenges & Opportunities

Session on Farmers’ Literacy Programs-Pathway to Streamline Lending Process

Session on Reinvigorating Agriculture sub-sectors Financing (Promoting Horticulture, Fisheries & Forestry)

Panel of 4-6 persons with parting insights and way forward.

SBP and FAO Chairs

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