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Petrol Prices March 2018 in Pakistan


Finance minister announced increase up to 9 percent in all petroleum products after clearance by Prime Minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi.


After increasing amount in petroleum products now the prices reaching towards three figures. Its now highest rates in last three days.

Ogra proposed Rs6.94/Liter increase in High Speed Diesel price, but the government permit only Rs2.62 after reducing GST rate.

Its 2nd time in last 2 months the rate of petroleum products increased.


Current Petroleum Products Rates

Product Increase Current Rate
High Speed Diesel (HSD) 2.62 Rs/Liter 98.45 Rs/Liter
Petrol 3.56 Rs/Liter 88.07 Rs/Liter
Kerosene 6.28 Rs/Liter 76.46 Rs/Liter
Light Diesel Oil 1.00 Rs/Liter 65.30 Rs/Liter

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