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Pakistani Companies at number 2 in Ajman


KARACHI: Pakistan is the second largest investor in the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), UAE. Around 2,000 Pakistani companies are operating in AFZ that is the 20% share of the total registered companies in the AFZ and this ratio is increasing by 20% annually.


Ali Husain Fahmi, Head of Customer Service, AFZ said to the media that Pakistan, India, Russia, China and Europe are the major investors in the zone. At present around 2,000 Pakistani companies are working in AFZ that is a proof of mutually business opportunities that exists between two countries.


AFZ General manager Mahmood Al Hashemi said, “We want to enhance business relations, promote trade and strengthen ties with Pak businessmen. The road show is aimed at Pakistanis that would like to spread their operations internationally especially in the Middle Eastern region, whereby the UAE serves as a springboard and a centre point to enter the regional markets.”

“We are building the Phase 4 of our smart warehouse which will be suitable for manufacturing and storing and Pakistani investors are always in touch with Ajman zone. We are a good hub for Pakistani investors to export their products all over the world,” Fahmi said.

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