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Pakistan could face suspension of GSP Plus Status, says European Union


ISLAMABAD: European Ambassador to Pakistan Jean-Francois Cautain has warned Pakistan that the GSP Plus status of the country could be suspended if it failed in complying with the 27 conventions of the United Nations particular the clauses directly related to the human rights.


While taking to the reporters on the sidelines of a seminar “GSP Plus in Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges” arranged by the Democracy Reporting International, the ambassador said that in past European Union has suspended the GSP Plus status of various countries for not following the 27 conventions of UN.

According to Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Pakistan can ensure that it continues to benefit from GSP Plus status if Pakistan regularly fulfill the conventions of UN that are primarily related to good governance and pertain to; labour laws and rights, gender rights and equality, protection of the environment, human rights, climate change, etc. and these being core issues for ensuring sustainable social and economic development of any country, they should auger very high in national priority.


“The EU has completed its assessment of the progress pertaining to the GSP Plus status and the commitment made by Pakistan; an assessment report will be presented to the EU parliament before a review of the facility in January next year,” he said.

Speaking at the seminar, German Ambassador Ina Lepel said that deviation would hurt the country’s image and Pakistan has to strictly follow the UN conventions as these were in favour of Pakistan.

However, the progress made by Pakistan during first phase was good as acknowledged by the EU Mission Deputy Head Stefano Gatoo. “But now there is need to make progress at the implementation level”, he added.

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