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Opposition rejects the proposed budget 2014-2015


 Islamabad: The budget for the next fiscal year as propounded by the finance minister on June 2 is rejected by the opposition parties which declared the budget as has no relief for the lay man.


According to the objection, made by the opposition parties, the documents and the Economic Survey presented by the finance minister contained distorted facts and figures about various departments including taxation, customs duties, gross domestic product (GDP) and economic growth.

In the light of the objection on the concerning budget proposal, the provinces have not been given their due shares, which was against the spirit of 18th amendment.


The PPP’s parliamentary leader in the upper house, said in a joint press conference on Friday, “It is a budget of concessions for big businessmen, feudal lords and investors, derived from commitments made by the government with the IMF and World Bank.”

The former finance minister Saleem Mandviwalla claimed that there is a contradiction between the facts and the survey report presented during the budget speech as 4.14 percent GDP growth shown in the budget was not realistic as, according to the IMF, it was around 3.5 percent. He asked the government to not try to hide the facts and show the nation the real picture.

Moreover, the Senator Taj Haider said that the resources allocated for the provinces were being granted to the center, and the aristocrat got the right of poor. He also condemned the power tariff which would prove to put an additional burden on poor.

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