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Nostelgia: Tool for empyting pocket of public


In the light of the academics studying patterns of consumer behavior, a feeling of nostalgia makes people part with money more easily.


The recurrent nostalgic condition and “retro” themes in advertising, say the researchers. It also makes it probable that the people will indulge in charity, with emotions of passionate nostalgia appearing to lower impediments to giving. According to experts, the nostalgia is bound to sell everything ranging from food to toys.


It explains how some major brands pattern nostalgic, retro-versions of their own products to tap into these feelings. There are advertising campaigns for food, music, toys, alcohol and films that depend upon evoking “wistfulness”.

The researchers, from the University of Southampton, Grenoble Ecole de Management and the University of Minnesota, argue that an atmosphere of nostalgia has ability to “lessen consumers’ hold on their money”.


Nurturing bygone day’s memories and past periods boost a sense of “social connectedness”, say the researchers, in which old-fashioned community values and relationship with other people are taken as being more significant. In such environment, money is perceived less important – and it seems that such a mood decreases resistance to spending.

“Their ability to prioritize and keep control over their money becomes less pressing,” says the research.

“In other words, someone might be more likely to buy something when they are feeling nostalgic, say the researchers, Jannine Lsaleta, Constantine Sedikides and Kathleen Vohs.

Even when nostalgia was rather melancholy mood, such as stimulating memories of a lost childhood, the researchers suggested that it was accompanied with a minimum sense of desiring to grasp money.

This concept was tested by a series of consumer experiments, reckoning reactions to different sorts of advertising, willingness to donate to charity and promptness to put up with discomfort to receive financial rewards.

The researchers opine that the general subject it that forming an atmosphere of nostalgic remembrance weakens fondness in money – and that conversely it makes it easier to sell products to people lulled into this reflective mood.

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