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Asian Development Bank to consider funding for Jamshoro Power Generation Project II


ISLAMABAD: After agreeing to extend loan of $900 million for installing coal-fired power plant at Jamshoro, Asian Development Bank is also considering to extend more loan for the 2nd unit of Jamshoro Power Generation Project.


The ADB that is already providing the mega budget for the installation of coal-fired power plant at Jamshoro is considering to extend its funds for the second unit of the said project as well. This was consider in a meeting between ADB delegation, in the supervision of Central West Asian Department Director General Sean O’ Sullivan, and Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif in Islamabad in Wednesday. The meeting was also attended by the Secretary of Ministry of Water and Power Mohammad Younus Dagha.3

The ADB’s role for the infrastructure development in Pakistan, especially the installation of smart meter in the country, was praised by Khawaja Asif.

After parsing the delegation for their efforts on addressing the power sector issues of Pakistan, the federal minister said, “Since 2013, things are improving day by day and the Prime Minister is very keen to address the issue on top priority.”


The ADB’s delegation assured the Pakistan’s side that every effort will be made for exploring the all possibilities of additional funding for Jamshoro Power Generation Project and that smart meters in Rawalpindi and Lahore will be installed as per agreement to help the ministry curb electricity theft.54c4c7d96bac6

Installed Capacity:

This Power Station comprises of four units having total capacity of 850 MW. Unit No.1 250 MW Japan origin is Furnace oil fired, whereas Units 2,3 and 4 of 200 MW China Origin each are dual fired i.e. Gas/Furnace Oil.Untitled

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