Burns on her face, she is almost blind

They attacked her with acid while she was on her way home Long island, New York. Nave Ikram He stated that the 21-year-old medical student is of Pakistani descent Burns On a large part of her face and arms, she became almost blind after the attack, which was called by her family, especially her father, Sheikh Ikram. New York Post “Scheme and not random at all.” Almost all of the material that was used against it also contains these substances Throat burningThis made it difficult for her to drink and eat.

Nafeh’s ordeal began on April 17 when she fell ill with acid while returning home from work. A terrible scene that he filmed Cameras control From the neighborhood. The video, which was seen by the police, shows the girl getting out of her car and her mother waiting for her outside the door of the house. A few seconds later, as Nafaa was walking to the front door, someone came out of nowhere to meet her, threw acid at her and ran away.

The assault has been reported to county police Nassau, Who is now looking for tall man e Thin Wearing a hoodie and gloves. Investigators said in a statement: “The suspect was carrying a white cup containing a dark-colored substance, which he then threw on the victim’s face.” Naveh, who is studying medicine at Hofstra University, was taken by her mother to the hospital. Naveh’s father, who has just started talking again but is still struggling to eat or drink, added, “If my wife and I weren’t at home that night, our little daughter might not have been alive.” Severe internal burns. The man said, “She is very scared. We hope she can see again soon.” The family, which has received nearly $ 300,000 in donations from friends and family to cover medical bills, is finally addressing a appeal To the attacker: “Think about what you did to our daughter. Let’s just hope that this person gets caught because we don’t want anyone else to be in this situation.”

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