Burnout appears in Sony poll alongside several PS5 exclusive shows –

Through Reddit, one user – Laurence-UK – reported curiosity. Sony Send to some players Surveys: This is not new, but in this case the player noticed weirdness. In the middle of the survey, I asked Sony if a user has heard of the series before Burnt. Also interesting is the fact that among the other games mentioned, there have been works exclusively for PS5 and PS4 like Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Godfall.

A Reddit user also explains that in a subsequent question in the same survey, Burnout has been mentioned in the midst of many other modern games. So his question is, “Is Sony considering exploiting this IP?” Of course, Burnout is a franchise owned by Electronic Arts (EA), and two survey questions aren’t enough to speculate that Sony somehow wants to take over IP.

It could be that the burnout was randomly chosen, or that It just represents the arcade car video game genre. In fact, some Reddit users say it is possible Sony is trying to understand the general interest in arcade driving games, perhaps with the aim of suggesting new games of this kind. Obviously, it’s just speculation.

Tell us, would you like the Burnout saga to return? Finally, we point out that someone is trying to create Burnout 3 Remake using the GTA 5 engine.

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