Burma, the army that holds Aung San Suu Kyi also dissolves her party. And this is how the democratic dictatorship kills

Aung San Suu Kyi, Which was deposed by the military council, has been under house arrest ever since FebruarySince the military coup ousted her from anywhere the shipment Government. He hasn’t been seen in a day Inflation, She’s not even allowed to meet her parents in person Lawyers Several trial awaits Alleged crimes Ranging from revealing state secrets to violating coronavirus restrictions, they are charges that could cost them up to 14 years in prison. While still in isolation, the junta decided to dissolve her party, The National League for Democracy (NLD)With the same charge used to trigger the coup: Forgery In the elections last November, the National League for Democracy won as it did in 2015.

Burmese agency announced Myanmar now Quoting from the general at Su, Chairman of the Electoral Commission appointed by the Military Council, at the end of a meeting with other parties boycotted by the NLD and other political movements. “We will have to cancel the party’s registration,” he said. at SuAdding that I am Administrator Electoral fraud “is considered traitors” and legal measures will be taken against it.

and not even Dictatorship Army Who held him in captivity Suu Kyi Over the past 15 years now. Founded during the student uprisings of 1988, the National League for Democracy won the 1990 elections, which were not recognized by the junta. Although heavy Restrictions And always below Watchful eye From army informants, and Ceremony Nevertheless he continued to work in a modest home from at PeeledNot far from the villa Suu Kyi a Yangon. The solution came in 2010 to refuse to participate in the elections called by the military council at the time to direct the country towards the “disciplined democracy” that the army had carefully planned, but a year later.needle It was granted to renewal.

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The general Main Aung Healing, Author of the February coup, advances to Systematic or systemic uprooting Any principle of democracy in that hybrid system that his predecessors established at the head of the armed forces. He said the coup was to restore a system flawed due to widespread electoral fraud of the National League for Democracy. Main Aung Healing Promising elections next year. But since then there have been at least 800 dead in the bloody suppression of the protests, and dissidents are being arrested and forced into disappearance by the party’s followers. regime, And now Party symbol Dependent The fight for democracy It will be delivered to the past. If ever Aung San Suu Kyi To be issued, it will be a leader Ceremony – and one Burma – that no longer exists.

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