Burger King offers reusable containers in the UK

Burger King has introduced a new type of reusable packaging for some of its UK restaurants.

burger king Experiment with concept Packaging Sustainable and reusable, it offers some cup and packaging for burgers in some of its restaurants in United kingdom. To get it (and for all intents and purposes, to try it in action), customers will need to collect a 1 pound deposit, which will then be refunded once the packaging is returned.

burger king

The fast food giant’s trial is part of a broader plan that aims to withdraw all single-use packages by 2025 and, as we mentioned at the beginning, it currently only includes a few UK stores, distributed in the US. Cities of Ipswich and Newmarket. The program runs from April 26 to September 5, and includes a selection of ten products including the popular one massive: If the trial period is successful, the packaging in question will also be distributed to the rest of the UK.

He explained, “The launch of the new Burger King packaging will include a reusable ‘case’ for burgers and side dishes.” Nicholas Pierce Commercial Planning Manager at Burger King UK. “We can’t wait to see the results of this trial, and we’re curious to see if it will help us achieve our goal of eliminating single-use plastics in our restaurants by 2025.”

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