Bully 2 or the new Hangar 13 IP? –

During the last financial report of the company take two It turns out that the company lost $53 million after canceling one of its development projects. According to a report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer, the game in question was one New IP for Hangar 13 Codename volt. While according to Shpeshal_Nick insiders it is about bully 2 At Rockstar Games.

According to Bloomberg reporter sources, the project Volt It has been somewhat turbulent and has taken on various forms since 2017, the year construction began. Also, according to Schreier, the project’s cancellation could be followed by staff cuts for Hangar 13, which could be discussed internally as early as tomorrow.

Nor was Volt the codename for Mafia 4, a game the studio apparently tried to suggest prototypes for in 2016 and 2017, but with poor results. So it was a new IP address.

Shpeshal_Nick instead thinks the canceled game bully 2. The insider claims to have learned of its cancellation and talked about it in a recent podcast. That’s why the game mentioned in the Take-Two report is believed to be Bully 2.

Either way, we’re talking unofficial information and should be taken with caution while waiting for news from Take-Two, Rockstar, or 2K. Having said that, we can probably trust the words of a villain more, as he is one of the most reliable sources around.

Staying at Take-Two, from the latest report we learned that GTA 5 has reached 155 million copies sold worldwide.

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