Bugatti W16 Mistral, the latter with an internal combustion engine

The French luxury brand is wrapping up its story with endothermic propulsion with the launch of its first Chiron-based roadster at Monterey Car Week, a sharp-looking vehicle with nearly 1,600 hp.

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The saga of internal combustion engines seems to be relentlessly drawing to a close, and even a very noble and centenary brand like Bugatti, is perhaps the most beguiling of its combination of luxury and performanceNow you are preparing to embrace a zero-emissions future without hesitation. However, before making the turning point in the end Green colorThe French house has one last sparkling one in store Hyper Car Which deserves to celebrate the end of an era. This is the proverbial “swan song” of the famous W16 engine that literally represents the rebirth of Bugatti, having equipped all of its models since then, at the end of the last century, Brand transalpine became part of the Volkswagen Group.

passion for little

The vehicle in question is the gorgeous W16 Mistral, a model just unveiled at California’s prestigious Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach that will be produced in a limited edition of 99 units, all already intended for affluent customers who are able to clear out the 5 spot check. A million euros needed to be put in the garage in 2024. It’s one roadster Developed based on Chiron And net of a few aesthetic differences, it can essentially be considered the much-desired convertible version of the latter. And judging by the few numbers Bugatti has revealed so far, it could be the fastest too spider From the world.

unattainable strength

Chosen for the Mistral, the iconic Bugatti W16 made its last appearance in the production model, the same 8000 cc, 1,578 hp quad-turbo unit that initially appeared on the Chiron Super Sport 300+ and capable of lowering that model at the 490th threshold. The maximum speed is km/h. Inevitably, the absence of the roof forced a carbon-fiber monocoque modification, but it also allowed the engine air intakes, placed above the passengers’ heads, to be separated from those of the oil cooler, which instead remained on the sides, thus simplifying imagination For the car and improve flows at the same time. As a result, the aerodynamics also underwent a significant revision, while the exhaust plant, unlike the Chiron Super Sport, is centrally located and square in shape.

destined for legend

In light of the historical and symbolic importance that the W16 Mistral would play for records, the Bugatti design team worked hard to give it features that match the occasion, far but not too far from those of the Chiron. The facade around the inevitable horseshoe grille is probably the area where this difference becomes most noticeable, with the four-element LED headlights far away giving it a more predatory aspect. The windshield and windows form an impeccable, enveloping visor that perfectly complements the body lines while the rear is dominated by a massive X-shaped optic that crosses every width and also includes the name of the manufacturer.

Proudly a roadster

Instead, the Mistral’s well-preserved interiors are very similar to those of the Chiron, particularly in terms of the dashboard, instrumentation, Control unit The central steering wheel as well. Perhaps the biggest difference is in the gearshift that includes the famous “dancing elephant” in amber by sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti, brother of founder Ettore Bugatti. No roof is shown in any of the official photos because the W16 Mistral is considered authentic roadster، section For temporary use to protect the interior, not usable while driving.

Farewell to the Chiron platform

The Bugatti W16 Mistral is clearly a riot of precious materials and cutting-edge technologies aimed at maximum performance, but its historical significance certainly does not escape the CEO of the Mate Rimac brand: “For the last appearance on the road of Bugatti’s legendary W16 engine we knew That we had to create one roadster. More than 40% of all vehicles produced by Bugatti are formulated exposed Thus creating a long line of performance icons, still revered around the world today. In the Chiron era, at least until today, there have never been roadsters, so introducing the W16 Mistral aims to collect that legacy as well thanks to the huge demand from our customers.”

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