Bugatti, the new supercar will be a hybrid and engine designed by Rimac

when bugatti he passed under the control of RimacMany believed that the brand’s destiny would be to introduce electric supercars. Instead, Rimac has been very clear about it, stating a few months ago Battery powered models will not last at least 10 years. Also, no SUV models will be launched either.

Apparently, Rimac is keeping that promise. In an interview with Auto Express, the CEO and founder of the Croatian automaker talked a little about the path that led him to take control of Bugatti. Speaking of the future, Matte Rimac He said that the next Bugatti supercar will be something very special and it will be hybrid system. So there is no complete electrification.

However, the most interesting thing about Endothermic engine Which, according to what has been said, will have a very high potential. The engine that Rimac It has been working for a long time. Even according to the CEO, he worked on the development of the engine He left two years ago That the official lane of Bugatti under their control will arrive. The work began when the Volkswagen Group and Rimac started talking about the Bugatti project.

The need for a new engine was very clear to Rimac as Bugatti was planning to phase out the popular W16.

I think everyone will be surprised when they see what we have done. We started developing a new combustion engine two years before we took over the company, which no one expected.

For a company known for its expertise in electric vehicle development, the internal combustion engine design is certainly intriguing. It will therefore be interesting to see what they have achieved as Mate Rimac enhances the results obtained from this unit.

Back to the upcoming Bugatti supercar, in addition to its hybrid powertrain, It will be a car designed entirely from scratch. Therefore, there will be no element taken from previous Bugatti or Rimac models.

A very interesting detail that Rimac has Accurate plans The next Bugatti supercar. A model that should astonish enthusiasts in intentions. However, there will be ways to learn more over time. The new Bugatti model will not arrive before 2024 or 2025. First, in fact, the automaker will have to end production and deliveries Latest Mistral aircraft and blogger.

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