BTS ‘Dynamite’ return to number one on Billboard Hot 100, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper’s ‘Holy’ debut at number three

Bieber is ranked 20th on his Top 100 list at 10th place.

BTS“Dynamite” falls back for the third week in first place on Billboard Hot 100 Songs Scheme.

Plus, Justin BeiberThe “holy” that is distinguished Chance rapper, Debuted at number three on the Hot 100. It should be noted that the song is 20th of the top 100 songs by Bieber, who became the 20th artist in the history of the chart to reach this milestone.

Hot 100 mixes all kinds of US broadcasting, broadcast broadcasting and sales data. All charts will be updated (Oct 3) on Billboard.com tomorrow (Sep 29). For all the chart news, you can follow @Billboard and @Billboardcts on Twitter and Instagram.

“Dynamite,” released on BigHit Entertainment / Columbia Records, debuted at number one in the Hot 100 on September 5 and remained at the top of the September 12 chart, before spending the next two weeks at number two. 1 from second on the strength of 14 million US broadcasts (up 11%) and 153,000 downloads sold (up 96%) in the week ending September 24, according to Nielsen Music / MRC data. It also attracted 20.8 million broadcast viewership impressions (up 8%) in the week ending September 27.

“Dynamite” spends the fifth and consecutive week in first place on Digital Song Sales The graph jumps 12-17 day Streamed songs, After debuting at number three. On Radio songs, Pays 47-42.

In the week ending September 24, Dynamite helped release four new remixes on September 18: their mixes “Bedroom,” “Midnight,” “Retro,” and “Slow Jam,” which together accounted for 52% of the songs’ total sales in Track Week . Dynamite’s “Poolside” and “Tropical” remixes were released on August 28, joining the original, machines, EDM and remixic releases released on August 21, with all releases selling down to 69 cents within the first five weeks.

“Dynamite” is the first single to top digital song sales for five weeks since Lizzo Truth Hurts, which led to five non-consecutive frames in September and October 2019. It is the first hit single for at least five consecutive weeks since Night. Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, pegged the last eight of a total of 16 weeks at the top from July to August 2019.

At the Hot 100, “Dynamite” is the first single between duos or groups to have recorded at least three weeks at number one in nearly two years, since Maroon’s Girls Like You, which features Cardi B, which dominated for seven weeks in September-November 2018.

Cardi B’s “WAP”, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, dropped to number two on the Hot 100 after four non-consecutive weeks at number one, dating its debut at the top of the August 22 chart. (She spent the first two weeks on the chart at number one; her third and fourth frames at number two; and her fifth and sixth weeks at number one).

“WAP” tops streamed songs for Week 6 (35.8 million, down 14%); Slips from 3-5 on digital song sales (9,000, down 23%); It climbed 21-20 radio songs (33 million, up 1%). It adds the seventh week in first place for both Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Songs And the Hot Rap Songs Charts, which use the same multi-metric methodology as the Hot 100.

The Justin Bieber song, which features Chance the Rapper, was released at number three on the Hot 100. The track, which was released on September 18th, took place at number two in both streaming songs (26 million) and digital song sales (27,000) and No. 47 in Radio Songs (18.6 million).

Bieber adds his 20th on the Top 10 list, becoming the 20th and 10th solo artist, in the history of the Hot 100, dating back to the beginning of the chart on August 4, 1958, to reach this milestone. He arrived in the region for the first time when “Baby”, featuring Ludacris, appeared in the # 5 highest in February 2010.

Top 100 Top 10
41, Drake
38, Madonna
34, The Beatles
31, Rihanna
30, Michael Jackson
28, Mariah Carey
28, Taylor Swift
28, Stevie Wonder
27, Janet Jackson
27, Elton John
25, Lil Wayne
25, Elvis Presley
23, Whitney Houston
23, Paul McCartney
23, Rolling Stones
22, Eminem
21, Jay-Z
20, Justin Bieber
20, Chicago
20, The Supremes

Chance the Rapper wins his third Top 100 Awards, all in collaboration with Bieber. DJ Khaled’s album “I’m the One”, featuring Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Coavo and Lil Wayne, spent a week at number one upon its May 2017 debut and Khaled’s song “No Brainer” featuring Bieber, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne, at its peak. Number 5 in August 2018.

“Laugh Now Cray Later” for Drake, who shows Night Your Turn, drops 3-4 on the Hot 100, after debuting at No. 2 topping. She jumps from 13 to 10 on radio songs (46.8 million, up 18%), To become # 24 on Drake’s Top 10 (and 1st Lil Durk) list. Drake passed Mariah Carey (23) for a singles share of the radio’s second most popular top 10 hit, after Rihanna’s 29, dating back to 1990 origin.

24kGoldn’s “Mood,” featuring Ian Dior, reaches the top five on the Hot 100, climbing 6-5, and also tops the multimeter Hot rock and alternative songs And the Hot Alternative Songs Charts for the fifth week for each.

Rockstar, the leader of “Hot 100” for “Dababy” for seven weeks, in which Rudy Rich appeared, slipped 4-6 and slipped number 1 “Blinding Lights” in the fifth week of The Weeknd 5-7, after spending 28 weeks In the top five. The latter governs the multi-scale Hot R&B Songs Chart for the twenty-eighth week extending to a record.

“Sugar Watermelon”, former Harry Styles leader for one week, “Sugar Watermelon” 7-8, Jawsh 685 and “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) of Jason Derulo” drops 8-9, after reaching the seventh place.

After approaching the top 10 of the top 100 songs, Gabe Barrett’s “I Hope” returns to the top 10, at number 11, topping the multi-scale. Hot country songs Graph for the tenth week.

Once again, for all the chart news, you can follow @Billboard and @Billboardcharts on both Twitter and Instagram and all charts (as of October 3), including the entire Hot 100, will be updated on Billboard.com tomorrow (September 29).

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