Btp Italia (and Traditional), Buying Guide: How to Buy and Why It’s Worth the Investment

BTPs just set and next BTP Italia release

On the eve of the new issue of BTP Italia with yield and capital pegged to the Italian inflation rate on November 14 (This is the second after the record in June, Guaranteed minimum coupon set at 1.60%), and after all 4 billion “traditional” BTPs were auctioned on October 26, savers find themselves considering the suitability of Italian BTPs and “traditional” BTPs. At this time, and most likely within the next two years, the higher yielding palms will almost certainly go to the Italian BTP plants.. The problem of choosing between Italian BTPs and traditional BTPs, writes Marco Sabella courierarises from those savers who have not purchased BTP Italia on the date of issue and who are cut (among other things) from the 1% fidelity bonus paid to those who will keep, for example, BTP Italia June 2030 in the wallet until natural maturity ( 0.4% of the premium will be paid in 2026 and the remaining 0.6% on the redemption date, June 28, 2030). For these savers – if they want to invest in Italian debt securities – then the dilemma arises: to choose traditional BTPs or already issued Italian BTPs? As with all financial instruments, it is always a good idea to ask your corporate manager or financial advisor for information in order to choose the government bonds that are best suited to your needs and propensity for risk. However, here we try to answer the most common questions of those approaching medium/long-term government bonds for the first time.

Here are BTPs quotes in real time.

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