Bronze medalist Nika Kripa in the National 10,000m

It was held yesterday in Molfetta, the Italian 10,000m championship. Cesar Maestre was the seventh from Godicare


Bronze medal by Nicagnet Kripa (Army) in the Italian 10,000m championship that was held yesterday in Molfetta, Bari Province, the day when Ilias Awani and Martina Merlo were crowned on top of the tri-color podium.
Also noteworthy is Giudicariese Cesare Maestri’s seventh place, vice-champion in the mountain race.

In the second part of the race, Ilias Aouani flies away and creates a void. It’s a solo journey that leads them to an absolute second title in less than two months, after winning the cross-country race in mid-March at Campi Bicencio with a time of 28: 26.38.
For second place in the national review, 23-year-old teammate Alberto Mondazzi (Atl. Casone Noceto, 28: 51.28) leads Nekagenet Crippa (Army, 28: 53.34), then Francesco Breusa (Battaglio Cus Torino, 28: 54.54) And Petro Riva (Viam Oro, 28: 57.76).

The 25-year-old from Milan, who graduated in engineering in the United States and made a quantum leap under Massimo Magnani at Ferrara, gives the impression that confirms his good moment.
This time it was mainly about winning, at the distance that he recently became the third Italian to lose less than 28 minutes in the past eighteen years.
But behind the challenge over the other centers shines: two goals from Atletica Cason Noceto thanks to Alberto Mondazzi of Como, the protagonist of last weekend with 13: 48.86 in 5000 at the Arena in Milan.

In the third step from the podium, Trentino Nekagenet Crippa, who at the penultimate kilometer tried to roll in poker for stalkers including Francesco Breusa and Pietro Riva, then sixth Stefano Massimi (Cus Camerino, 29: 17.01) and seventh vice runner world champion Mountaineer Cesar Maestre (Atl. Valli Bergamasche Leffe, 29: 19.20).
In his district, 21-year-old Pasquale Silvarolo from Andrea wears a tricolor under-23 shirt.

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Quiet start in testing women. The first move was made by 20-year-old Giovanna Silva, who was already in the light recently at the intersection and also on the track, who took the lead in the seventh kilometer, which Rebecca Lonedo spotted from a short distance.
A quintet is formed in command, while marathon runner Sarah Progiato (Air Force) picks a stop.
Upon hearing the bell on the final lap, while four athletes are still fighting for success, Martina Merlot sets the decisive action.

For the 28-year-old from the Air Force, who was trained in Modena by Liberato Pellecchia, there is a first trichromatic at this distance and is committed to ending the young Anna Arnaud, born in 2000, from Borgo San Dalmazzo in Cuneo.
Once again Lunido III and Silva IV, as in the cross, with Sicilian Tuchito in fifth place.
More detached Claudia Pena (Cus Cagliari, 35: 10.14) and Ilaria Sabbatini (Atl. Avis Macerata, 35: 36.30) who led the group in the early stages.


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