Broken wheelchair on Ryanar flight, disabled person stuck on vacation – Puglia

His wheelchair was damaged on Barry Cagliari’s flight. Anita is sick with Sma: it’s like my legs were cut off

The wheelchair, which to her looks like a part of the body, was damaged during Ryanair’s flight to Bari Cagliari, has become “completely unusable” and now Anita Ballara, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), head of the Sma families is banned without the possibility to move . “Wheelchairs are not things. As if from yesterday I suddenly cut off my leg and arm without warning and without anesthesia. It is unimaginable pain and a violation of human rights and his body,” he wrote on Facebook. Define “worst nightmare”.
Anita and her parents left for Sardinia on Tuesday, July 6, on a Ryanair flight at 12.35pm. “Ryanair – explains Anita – does not have a designated space in the parking lot, the strollers are loaded as baggage, as cargo, and nothing sacred pays attention. I can move around and my new wheelchair (April 2021) on a frivolous plane flight is destroyed.”

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